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How long are the Rfmr Classes? Our classes are 1 hour in duration. This incorporates a 50-minute class and the 5-10 minutes to clean equipment and to get dressed again i.e. shoes and extra layers of clothing.

What time should I arrive for the class? Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the class begins. This can give you time to get your bearings with the studio and speak with the instructor if necessary.

What if I am running late for the class? As all our classes begin with a warm up component, being more than 5 minutes late may result in the instructor turning you away from the class.

What do I need to bring with me to the class? A towel is essential and bring a water bottle if you need. 

What should I wear to my Rfmr classes? Exercising for 50 minutes can increase your body temperature, so wear comfortable clothing to suit.

Can I do the class with bare feet or shoes? No. For hygiene reasons and the protection of the Rfmr equipment, we ask all participants to wear socks during the classes. Grip socks specifically designed for Reformer Pilates equipment will be available from the front counter.

Do I need to be very fit to participate in a Rfmr class? No. Our classes are designed for all fitness levels. Our instructors present a range of exercises that can be easily scaled to increase or decrease intensity of the workouts.

Is there an age limit to attend the Rfmr classes? The minimum age to attend one of our classes is 16.

I have an injury should I still attend the class? Depending on the severity of the injury. Please seek your GP’s approval before you attend the class.

I am pregnant. Can I still attend a Rfmr class?  It all depends on what stage of pregnancy you are at. You can only attend Rfmr classes until you are 12 weeks pregnant.


How do I manage my Rfmr class bookings? Once you purchase a class package, you will be directed to an app named ‘Spaces’ at either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Here you can sign up wth your Rfmr login and then proceed to book, reschedule or cancel your classes.

Is there a cancellation policy? Yes. We have a strict 8-hour cancellation policy. Please do your best to cancel your booking as forfeiture of that class will be a result. 

If a class is full, can I be placed on a waitlist? Yes. Our classes do fill up very quickly. If you want to be on stand-by, click the wait list button adjacent to that class time. If a cancellation occurs, the waitlist is notified by order of booking. You will then be given 15 minutes to respond. Should you decline the spot or are unable to respond, the spot in the class will be offered to the next person on the waitlist.

Are my sessions transferrable? No. Your package is sold to the individual that completes the pre-exercise questionnaire and agrees to the terms and conditions. For insurance purposes, only the person who has purchased the package can attend the classes.

What happens if my class gets cancelled? We have a minimum of 3 participants for the class to run. You will be notified with 2 hours’ notice if this is the case. Your class will be credited back to your account.

Finance & Admin

Can I make payments in person? Yes. Payments can be made over the counter at the Narrabundah studio. Only card payments are accepted.

Do I get a discount as a member of Alive Health & Fitness? Yes. Members of Alive health and fitness receive a 10% discount on all Rfmr packages (excluding Introductory packages).

Does the class pack I have purchased expire at all? Yes. All our packages have an expiry date. Ensure the date works for you before purchase and we will notify you by email as it gets close to expiring.

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